LIMPIA, [Meaning ‘clean’ in Spanish] is the Long Island Marine Purification Initiative, a 501c3 organization working to create awareness and inspire lasting change around the very real issue of water quality on the East End of Long Island. 

The Long Island coastal community is defined by its relationship to the water. Legions are lured to the miles of beaches, bays, inlets, ponds and breaks that have enriched and supported generations of lives. What if we told you that this precious resource along with a vast array of marine life, including fish and shellfish, hundreds of species of birds and other mammals faces growing threats from measurable contamination? Pollutants, dated infrastructure, inadequate sewage management and the impact of a growing population is leading to toxicity of the very waters that call us back to their shores time and again.

Three years ago Luke Weil, a long-time Montauk resident, surfer, and environmental supporter initiated and underwrote a water-testing program at Ditch Plains in coordination with Concerned Citizens of Montauk and the Eastern Long Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. This was a result of his own personal experience with water pollution levels while surfing in Montauk 48 hours after a heavy rain fall. What began in Montauk as 4 sites at Ditch Plains and across the southern part of Lake Montauk, expanded quickly to elsewhere on the Atlantic side as well as Fort Pond and then throughout East Hampton township.

It is Weil’s belief that it is up to those of us who use the resource to lead the way in caring for it. Based upon a desire to bring this little-known issue into the forefront of public consciousness and in an effort to expand upon the independent testing he began, he founded Limpia (Meaning “clean” in Spanish), the Long Island Marine Purification Initiative in Spring of 2015.

It is the focus of Limpia’s work to increasing awareness around the issue of water contamination by expanding the reach of the program and supporting other community based initiatives dedicated to cleaning up and preserving these waters for future generations.

Limpia’s work is supported by a dedicated Board of Directors, lovers of the life aquatic, including; Chairman Luke Weil, Laura Murray, Sian Gordon and Mike Goodwin.